Cessna aileron gap kit consists of gap seals on the lower and upper aileron gaps that is an extension of the lower and upper wing skin from the rear spar to the leading edge of the aileron. The seals eliminate a high drag area plus reduce the amount of air leaking from the high pressure underside of the wing to the low pressure top side of the wing. The reduction in air leakage allows the wing to fly at a lower angle of attack for the same amount of lift, thus reducing drag. This aileron gap-speed kit is FAA STC?d and manufactured under a FAA PMA authority.

Also available is a hardware kit containing enough rivets to install the aileron gap kit.
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Cessna Models
Aileron Gap Kit No.
Hardware Kit
150, A150, 152, A152, 170B,
172, 175, 180, 182, 185, 205
210 through 210C

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